Sales Training Approach

Sales Excellence rarely delivers any training “off-the-shelf” because we build a program specifically for your team, not anyone else’s. We work with you to assess the specific knowledge, attitudes, and skills that represent the greatest opportunity for improvement and develop a complete curriculum using our proven sales methodologies and tools. Every workshop is a truly unique learning experience custom tailored to the needs, goals, and objectives of your sales step approach thick

Step One: Assess and Measure Performance

Every engagement includes interviews with a number of company leaders and workshop participants to assess the current state, the desired future state, and to get input to craft the right solutions. This can be done with an informal questionnaire completed by phone or in written form, or with our 360° Sales Competency and Behavior Assessment™.

Step Two: Establish Goals and Objectives

We use a “begin with the end in mind” approach to align the sales training with your corporate goals and objectives. The first and most important question is, “What are we trying to accomplish?” We consult with management to define their specific goals, objectives, and desired outcomes.

Step Three: Define Measures and Metrics

After we have defined the objective, we then need to determine, “How can we gauge our success? What metrics can we use to measure the effects of this program?” We work with management on how to measure the effects of the training and what metrics to use to gauge continued success going forward.

Step Four: Target Attitudes and Behaviors

We must determine the changes in attitudes and behavior necessary to see improvements in these metrics. Put simply, “What do we want participants to think or do differently as a result of this training?” We help clarify the business results you want to achieve and the real changes that must take place to in order to achieve them.

Step Five: Develop Custom Content and Plan Delivery

We never deliver an “off the shelf” workshop, our materials are custom-tailored for your business. We incorporate any sales tools or methodology you already have in place so everything we teach supports your current processes and infrastructure. All of our material is highly relevant and actionable so your team leaves the workshop and immediately puts ideas into practice.

Step Six: Plan and Deliver Training Curriculum

All of our certified Sales Excellence® trainers have extensive experience in sales so that salespeople find it very easy to relate to them. Our training is engaging and interactive and void of lengthy lectures or static presentations.

Step Seven: Provide Coaching & Reinforcement

The real challenge of sales training is to enable and empower learners to apply what they have learned. We believe strongly in the power of ongoing training reinforcement. We recommend supporting on-site workshops with ongoing review and reinforcement. We also work with managers to reinforce the application of new ideas and approaches.

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