Why Choose Sales Excellence?

Our clients love working with us. We go out of our way to provide an exceptional experience that makes a real impact on your sales organization.

Here’s what makes our sales training different:

Breadth of Content

We offer training on a very wide variety of selling skills as well as programs for specific industries and sales disciplines. With dozens of modules to choose from, our vast library of content makes it possible create the most relevant, high-impact, behavior-changing programs completely tailored for your sales team. We customize the entire end-to-end program including the training content, the mode of delivery, and the reinforcement methodology.

Customized Learning Experience

Every training curriculum is designed with our clients goals in mind from a wide array of content, leveraging multiple learning mediums, and incorporating client vocabulary and industry terminology. Our curriculum covers the entire spectrum of the sales process and addresses the needs for improvement in both skill and strategy. We’ll create a program for your organization that deals with some or all of the selling cycle including consultative selling, prospecting, negotiations, global account planning and development, opportunity management and pursuit, sales presentations, pipeline management, forecasting accuracy and coaching.

Global Delivery and Support

Headquartered in Evergreen, Colorado, we have corporate offices Mexico, Finland, and South Africa and a vast network of trainers with local language and knowledge around the globe. We make sure terminology, exercises and role plays mirror your team’s region.

World Class Facilitators

Every person who delivers a workshop or leads a web conference is more than just a facilitator, but a highly-accomplished veteran of the sales and marketing profession. Our facilitators speak local language understand the local buying and selling environment and customs.

Relentless Pursuit of Customer Delight

Our long and continuously growing list of delighted clients speaks volumes. Not only do our clients choose to work with us but our referral rate is one of the highest in the industry.  From our up-front research and preparation, to our custom-tailored materials, to a seamless and worry-free delivery, we live to make every client more than just a reference but a raving fan. Read our client testimonials here.

Working with Sales Excellence means you get more than just a training event, you get access to customized learning materials and experienced sales leaders to guide your team to greater success.

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