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The Most Effective Way to Sell to C-Level Executives

People often ask us, "What's the most effective way to reach a C-level or VP-level executive to sell to them? What medium of communication should I use? Should I use email, voicemail, letter by FedEx?" The answer is that no one medium will give you the results that you want. Salespeople tend to think that they can ... Read More

3 Things Sales and Marketing Have to Agree On

We’ve been talking about sales and marketing alignment for quite a few years now but it still comes up as an issue. We’re hearing less overt statements like, “we have a problem with sales and marketing alignment,” but conversations with both sales and marketing members often reveal misalignment. For example, a ... Read More

What is Social Selling? | 5 Marketing Tips for Salespeople

There’s a lot of conversation right now about social selling and how salespeople need to embrace this “new rule of selling”. Except, social selling isn't really selling. It’s marketing. Social selling is salespeople using social media to directly interact with their prospects. Essentially, it’s marketing for ... Read More

Why Do Customers Buy? | The Sales Excellence Blog

Many of us have heard the saying, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want,” with credit going to the late, great Zig Ziglar. Of course, if Zig said it, then it must be tied to the sales profession, which it certainly is. Helping others, however, should be more than just a part of o... Read More

Selling Financial Results to Executives

Because of the broad variety of measures and metrics that businesses use to track and report their performance, leaning the language of business is an ongoing process. If you sell across multiple industries – such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, and healthcare – it will take a while to learn all the t... Read More

Learning the Language of the Senior Executive

The language used by high-level business managers and executives is usually quite different than the language used in IT, R&D, or out on the shop floor. To be effective selling to all the different people involved in a complex buying process, we have to become multi-lingual. In my workshops, I often invite an execu... Read More

How to Win More Business by Request for Proposal (RFP)

One of our global clients recently shared with us that this year nearly 60% of enterprise-level sales opportunities they are engaged in include a Request for Proposal (RFP) as part of their buying process. This is up from less than 30% just one year ago. They are not alone. The use of RFPs and the practice of buying vi... Read More

How to Make Sales Training Stick

As professional sales trainers, the biggest challenge we face is keeping salespeople and their managers engaged after a group training workshop. Oh, there’s plenty of enthusiasm at the end of the session. Like me, you probably hear a lot of positive comments and glowing praise for the material and the delivery. Howev... Read More

The Worst Question a Salesperson Could Ever Ask

As an enthusiastic student of the sales profession for over 25 years, I have read several hundred books and untold numbers of articles on selling. One thing that I find frustrating is how often really BAD advice is passed along that actually hurts the reader more than it helps. I recently read an article in which th... Read More

How to Keep Your Sales Opportunities Moving

Are the sales opportunities in your current sales pipeline "moving" or "stopped"? It's really easy to tell the difference. Take a look at your day planner, or personal digital assistant (PDA), or whatever you use to schedule appointments. Do you have a date and time on your calendar for each opportunity when you will n... Read More

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