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Marketing to the Internal Audience – From Low ROI to Cost-Effective Corporate Training

One of the biggest challenges for marketing is creating cooperative teamwork between marketing and other departments, especially in the traditionally uneasy partnership with Sales.


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Keeping Your Sales Prospect Moving Down the Funnel

Is your current sales prospect in your current pipeline “moving” or “stopped”? It’s really easy to tell the difference. Take a look at your day planner, or personal digital assistant (PDA), or whatever you use to schedule appointments.


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Software Solution: How to Avoid IT System Pitfalls

Washington Business Journal –

Why do some application software projects fail? Did you know that the business applications software market is a $70 billion industry? If you’re in the process of selecting or implementing an enterprise software solution for your company, you probably don’t need to be reminded of that.


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OFF THE SHELF; Pamper the People Who Know You Best

The New York Times

AS the business climate improves, the natural inclination of executives everywhere will be to increase their marketing budgets to try to attract new clients. That idea makes perfect sense, of course.


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Hot for Cold Calls


What can make an otherwise winning sales pro go wobbly in the knees, croaky in the throat and flustered all over? Cold-calling, a sales strategy wherein said salesperson calls another human who may be cranky.


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Train Your Sales Team with Bill Stinnett, How to Sell Results

This article, published in Selling Power, is based on a conversation with Bill Stinnett, founder and president of Sales Excellence and author of Think Like Your Customer (McGraw-Hill, 2004) and Selling Results! (McGraw Hill, 2007).


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Sales Success: 6 Simple Rules

These rules may sound basic, but even sea­soned sales pros some­times need a refresh­er. Make sure you’ve mas­tered the process. A num­ber of the many emails I receive each week are request­ing basic “how to sell” infor­ma­tion, espe­cial­ly for business-to-business sales.


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