Think Like Your Customer

Think Like Your Customer

How to capture customers by learning to think the way they do.

TLYC-Cover-Art-199x300The most common complaint Bill Stinnett hears from his corporate clients is that would-be vendors and suppliers “just don’t understand our business.” In Think Like Your Customer, Stinnett explains why the key to landing corporate customers is to learn to think about the things executives and business owners think about and understand how they make complex buying decisions.

Drawing upon his years of experience as a Fortune 500 consultant, he offers sales and marketing professionals a powerful framework for understanding the inner workings of a business; knowing what motivates its executives and influences their buying decisions; identifying a company’s organizational structure and decision-making psychology; and using that information to develop a winning strategy for influencing how and why the customer





“Even after thirty-five years in this business, I found Think Like Your Customer to be loaded with powerful and proven advice, which I began putting to use immediately. This is a very practical guide to better understanding how your customers think.”
–Bill Zeitler, senior vice president and group executive, Systems and Technology Group, IBM Corporation

“Page after page, Stinnett manages to connect with your intuition, making you feel like his ideas are your own. The result is enlightening, compelling, and powerfully motivating. You’ll want to stand up and go sell something right away!”
–Luc Wathieu, associate professor, Harvard Business School

“Think Like Your Customer offers a wealth of practical solutions for sales executives to develop more profitable relationships with customers. In this climate, where customer relationships mean everything, this book is a must read.”
–Melinda Ligos, editor in chief, Sales & Marketing Management magazine


About the Author

Bill Stinnett is the president of Sales Excellence, Inc. and is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant in marketing, sales, and business profitability. His clients include General Electric, Microsoft, Verizon, EDS, and American Express. Read his full bio