Sales Training Programs

All of our sales training workshops are customized for your company and are designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities of your industry and market. Our programs are based on a proven methodology that develops skills and techniques as well as strategic processes. Sales Excellence’s workshops empower sales teams and drive performance improvement.


icon-puzzle  Sales Excellence Core Methodology™

Sales Excellence Core Methodology™ imparts the concepts and philosophies from the bestselling book Think Like Your Customer as the foundation to our sales training curriculum. This program presents the fundamentals selling skills and provides a common language and powerful set of tools that sales teams use to dramatically increase their productivity and results. Learn more


 icon-suit Selling to C-Level and VP-Level Executives™

Not all decision making is the same. C-Level and VP-Level executives have a unique set of business values. They’re also harder to get access to. Selling to C-Level and VP-Level Executives teaches you how to reach, relate to, sell to, and build business relationships with the CEO, CFO, COO, and other senior executives. This program presents proven techniques to get through to executives, engage them using their language, create business cases to justify the investment in your solutions, and build executive relationships you can leverage to orchestrate a bullet-proof sales campaign. Learn more


Time Management Strategies for Sales Professionals™

Much more than simple task management and prioritization. Sales professionals today are responsible for so much more than selling. Customer service, billing issues, delivery issues, and meetings are eating up the workweek. One or two extra hours of selling time per week can dramatically improve your overall sales results and this program gives you the techniques and tools necessary to do that. Learn more


icon-phone  Sales Prospecting and Business Development™

Even excellent sales professionals can use more help at building and developing their pipelines. Effective sales prospecting is critical for creating the quantity and quality of opportunities in your pipeline, which determine your revenue results and, ultimately, your income.  This program is designed to empower sales professionals with the skills they need to find or create an unlimited supply of new sales opportunities. Learn more


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  Winning Competitive Contracts in Response to RFPs™

This cutting-edge course is built around a highly-structured process for evaluating the “win-ability” of each Request for Proposal contract, organizing your RFP response team, competitive differentiation, structuring and writing your RFP response proposal, and presenting your proposal to the client. Learn more


icon-hands  Sales Negotiation Strategies and Techniques™

Closing and negotiating are not isolated events that only happen at the end of a sales cycle. They both happen during virtually every telephone call and meeting with your prospective client. This program is designed to help sales professionals and sales managers, or anyone in a customer-facing role, learn to effectively resolve customer issues, overcome objections, close without being pushy, and apply proven negotiation strategies and tactics when necessary. Learn more


icon-key  Strategic and Global Account Development™

Strategic account management becomes more difficult as businesses grow and expand around the world. This comprehensive program is designed to help your sales organization develop plans to maximize the value of strategic accounts and to build and nurture client relationships that lead to customer loyalty, repeat business, and customer referrals. Learn more

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