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Sales Excellence Core Methodology imparts the concepts and philosophies from the bestselling book Think Like Your Customer as the foundation to our sales training curriculum. This program presents the fundamental selling skills and provides a common language and powerful set of tools that sales teams use to dramatically increase their productivity and results.

Program Details

This program focuses on the foundation of superior selling skills, success factors, the customer buying process and how to qualify and manage a sales pipeline.

  • Understand, measure, and manage the four factors that determine your revenue results
  • Learn the stages and players in the customer buying process.
  • Create a Customer Results Plan to drive the customer through their buying process.
  • Determine and build relationships with influencers and approvers. Understand what they value and what drives them to make decisions.
  • Learn the criteria-based qualification process based on the ten elements of why customers buy.
  • Manage each opportunity in the pipeline to close on time.
  • Learn how to prevent and overcome objections.

Two Day On-Site Workshop or Eight Module eWorkshop Series

1. Think Like Your Customer

  • Learning to think like your customer
  • The Customer Results Model (ABC)
  • Selling results instead of products and services
  • The diagnostic approach to selling
  • Crafting effective diagnostic questions

Sales Tool: Targeted Diagnostic Questions

3. Expanding Your Relationship Footprint

  • Why sell higher and wider?
  • Roles involved in a complex buying process
  • The changing dynamics of a buying process
  • Six tactics for selling higher and wider
  • Developing a relationship plan

Sales Tool: Relationship Planning Tool

5. Sales Qualification and Forecasting

  • Understanding the six action drivers
  • The ten elements of why customers buy
  • The ten elements of how customers buy
  • Scoring opportunities for forecast probability
  • Forecasting with confidence and integrity

Sales Tool: Opportunity Scorecard

7. Structuring & Closing Sales Opportunities

  • Framing sales opportunities in time
  • Reverse-engineering the buying process
  • Creating a Customer Results Plan
  • The value of using a Customer Results Plan
  • Trouble-shooting sales opportunities

Sales Tool: Customer Results Plan

9. Targeted Prospecting & Business Development

  • Territory marketing vs. targeted prospecting
  • Selecting target accounts and using revolving list
  • Target account research and preparation
  • Designing a Multi-Pronged Approach Pattern
  • Creating your business development plan

Sales Tool: 30-Day Business Development Plan

11. The “Advanced Basics” of Sales Negotiation

  • The precursors of effective negotiation
  • The six “advanced basics” of sales negotiation
  • Trading profit for profit: The “negotiables”
  • Maintaining control of sales negotiations
  • Negotiating planning and preparation

Sales Tool: Negotiating Planning Worksheet

2. Selling Business Value and Results

  • The six truths of value
  • The ten major denominations of value
  • Translating capabilities into value
  • How customers perceive value
  • Translating value across the enterprise

Sales Tool: Results Inventory Template

4. Facilitating Your Customer’s Buying Process

  • The sales process – redefined
  • Selling with specific intent: The four questions
  • Aligning with your customer’s buying process
  • Hypothetical questioning of the buying process
  • Mapping your customer’s buying process

Sales Tool: Buying Process Mapping Tool

6. Sales Strategy & Opportunity Management

  • Establishing a competitive sales strategy
  • Identifying competitive threats
  • Neutralizing competitive threats
  • Keeping your sales opportunities moving
  • Developing a strategic sales call plan

Sales Tool: Strategic Pre-Call Planner

8. Maximizing Portfolio (Pipeline) Performance

  • The four metrics of revenue growth
  • Increasing deal quantity
  • Maximizing deal size
  • Accelerating deal velocity
  • Improving deal predictability

Sales Tool: Portfolio Performance Planner

10. Time Management for Sales Professionals

  • Where are we “investing” our time?
  • Aligning activities to priorities
  • Compartmentalizing your work week
  • Making time for planning and organization
  • Taking control of your work week

Sales Tool: Weekly Planning Template

12. Strategic Key Account Development

  • Taking inventory of your territory and accounts
  • Segmenting your territory and account-base
  • Measuring customer outcomes and results
  • Growing your account share (share of spend)
  • Conducting the Quarterly Business Review

Sales Tool: Quarterly Business Review Planning

  1. On-site Classroom Training. A customized program, between one and three days, with interactive discussions, small group exercises and tailored role plays.
  2. Virtual Classroom Training. Our same live, instructor-led classroom experience to individuals or sales teams anywhere in the world without the need for travel costs.
  3. Online Learning. Self-paced HD video eLearning modules for asynchronous learning and reinforcement.
  4. Instructor Certification. Become certified to teach this program through our Train the Trainer program.


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