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Closing and negotiating are not isolated events that only happen at the end of a sales cycle. They both happen during virtually every telephone call and meeting with your prospective client. This program is designed to help sales professionals and sales managers, or anyone in a customer-facing role, learn to effectively resolve customer issues, overcome objections, close without being pushy, and apply proven negotiation strategies and tactics when necessary.

Every sales professional is looking for the win-win solution. Sales Excellence’s Sales Negotiation Strategies and Techniques address the complex challenges of making the best deal while still satisfying the client. This program is customizable for both discrete sales transactions as well as for negotiating yearly or multi-year contracts.

Program Details

This program focuses on closing more negotiations, more effectively and teaches participants how to prepare for a negotiation and use proven negotiation techniques.

  • Create a comprehensive strategy for each account so you are consistently presenting new ideas that maximize profits for you and your clients.
  • Establish primary and secondary negotiation strategies and the top three tactics for each.
  • Develop tools and processes that document requests and tradeoffs already made as well as how to turn every customer request into an opportunity for a tradeoff.
  • Establish parameters that detail what’s negotiable and what isn’t.
  • Using a business case or ROI projection, help your buyer recognize benefits in order to validate the value received for your price.
  • Establish effective competitive differentiation based on what your buyer values.
  • Use the Sales Excellence Negotiation Process to identify and overcome objections, reach mutually beneficial agreements, and bring business to closure.
  • Learn to minimize price erosion and protect profitability using tradeoffs, counter offers, and hypothetical resolutions.
  • Internalize and apply the Top 10 Rules of Effective Negotiation to position yourself to win while commanding a premium price.
  • Learn and practice the Top 10 Most Effective Negotiation Techniques.

  1. On-site Classroom Training. A customized program, between one and three days, with interactive discussions, small group exercises and tailored role plays.
  2. Virtual Classroom Training. Our same live, instructor-led classroom experience to individuals or sales teams anywhere in the world without the need for travel costs.
  3. Online Learning. Self-paced HD video eLearning modules for asynchronous learning and reinforcement.
  4. Instructor Certification. Become certified to teach this program through our Train the Trainer program.

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