icon-suit Selling to C-Level and VP-Level Executives™


Selling to VP and C-Level executives can be challenging. But for anyone who’s up for the challenge, the rewards can be amazing! Learning to sell higher and wider within accounts will help you:

  • Grow your average deal size
  • Accelerate your customer’s buying process
  • Close more business at higher margins!

Selling to executives requires an understanding of their unique set of business values, and the ability to gain access at that level. Our Selling to C-Level and VP-Level Executives program teaches you how to reach, relate to, sell to, and build business relationships with the CEO, CFO, COO, and other senior executives. This program presents proven techniques to get through to executives, engage them using their language, create business cases to justify the investment in your solutions, and build executive relationships you can leverage to orchestrate a bullet-proof sales campaign.


Program Details

This program creates a path for success in selling to executives and teaches participants how to:

  • Get past gate keepers and learn the five key strategies to get to the hard-to-reach- executive.
  • Identify the executive’s key business challenges.
  • Identify business drivers and corporate objectives that you can impact.
  • Create a rock-solid value proposition.
  • Position your offerings as solutions that deliver specific, measurable business results.
  • Demonstrate specific domain expertise and business acumen by speaking like an executive.
  • Prepare and deliver a world-class sales presentation that is worthy of executive audiences.
  • Obtain executive sponsorship for the discovery process and a commitment to act on the findings.
  • Establish a joint plan for a process of mutual discovery and a shared definition of success.
  • Earn trust and build long-term executive relationships.

Three-Day, On-Site Workshop or Twelve Module eWorkshop Series

1. Engaging Customers at the Executive Level

  • The challenge of selling to the executive level
  • Bottom up vs. top down buying process
  • The role executives play in the buying process
  • When and how executives want to be involved
  • How, when, why to engage an executive

Sales Tool: Executive Buying Roles Assessment

3. Linking Your Solutions to Executive-Level Goals

  • How executives perceive value and risk
  • Developing your business vocabulary
  • Linking your solutions to executive-level goals
  • Crafting executive-level business solutions
  • Translating value across the enterprise

Sales Tool: Business Value Hierarchy Worksheet

5. Approaching the Executive Level Directly

  • Approaching the executive directly
  • Executive-level networking and referrals
  • Leveraging peer-to-peer executive introductions
  • Crafting your executive-level approach
  • Diagnostic questioning at the executive level

Sales Tool: Executive Approach Plan

7. Obtaining Executive-Level Sponsorship

  • Establishing a shared definition of “success”
  • Positioning and proposing your solution
  • Demonstrating the “linkage” between your solutions and  executive-level business goals and initiatives
  • Obtaining executive-level sponsorship

Sales Tool: Executive Alignment Worksheet

9. Developing an Executive-Level Business Case

  • Demystifying return on investment
  • Ways that return on investment can be calculated
  • Developing return on investment projections
  • Constructing an ROI analysis and business case
  • Leveraging your business case at the executive level

Sales Tool: Executive Business Case Template

11. Closing Business at the Executive Level

  • Staying engaged at the executive level
  • Keeping the executive involved in the process
  • Developing momentum in the buying process
  • Trouble-shooting the buying process
  • Using the Customer Results Plan

Sales Tool: Customer Results Plan Template

2. Speaking the Language of the Senior Executive

  • Executive-level roles and responsibilities
  • The world of the  CEO/Managing Director
  • The world of the Finance Executive (CFO)
  • The world of the Operations Executive (COO)
  • The world of the IT Executive (CIO)

Sales Tool: Executive Language Worksheet

4. Earning Access to the Executive Level

  • Why do we need to access the executive level?
  • Selling your way to the VP and C-Level
  • 6 strategies to access the executive level
  • 6 techniques to get past gatekeepers
  • Becoming worthy of an executive audience

Sales Tool: Executive Access Plan

6. Conducting Effective Executive-Level Meetings

  • Preparing for your VP or C-Level meeting
  • Objectives of your first executive-level meeting
  • How to facilitate executive-level conversations
  • Understanding executive-level business goals
  • Delivering “challenging” questions

Sales Tool: Executive Meeting Planner

8. Understanding Financial Statements

  • Exploring the three major financial statements
  • The Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Statement of Cash Flows
  • Leveraging financial statements in selling

Sales Tool: Financial Statement Analysis Worksheet

10. Presenting to the Executive Level

  • The time and place for an executive presentation
  • The goals of an executive-level presentation
  • The structure of an effective executive presentation
  • Creating alignment and gaining commitment
  • Leveraging the Executive Presentation Template

Sales Tool: Executive Presentation Template

12. Managing Accounts at the Executive Level

  • Fostering executive-level relationships
  • Leveraging your executive management team
  • Adding ongoing value at the executive level
  • Strategic partnering at the executive level
  • Establishing regular executive-level briefings

Sales Tool: Executive-Level Briefing Planning

  1. On-site Classroom Training. A customized program, between one and three days, with interactive discussions, small group exercises and tailored role plays.
  2. Virtual Classroom Training. Our same live, instructor-led classroom experience to individuals or sales teams anywhere in the world without the need for travel costs.
  3. Online Learning. Self-paced HD video eLearning modules for asynchronous learning and reinforcement.
  4. Instructor Certification. Become certified to teach this program through our Train the Trainer program.

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