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Strategic account management becomes more difficult as businesses grow and expand around the world. This comprehensive program is designed to help your sales organization develop plans to maximize the value of strategic accounts and to build and nurture client relationships that lead to customer loyalty, repeat business, and customer referrals.

Whether you’re managing multi-national, global accounts or not, every sales professional needs to be able to identify and develop their strategic opportunities. Learning how manage and strengthen the relationships within your most important accounts is paramount to ensuring recurring revenue.

Program Details

This program teaches participants how to understand client accounts and build relationships within them.

  • Develop a strategic account plan focused on maximizing the measurable value you can deliver to your client.
  • Develop a complete understanding of each account including all divisions and subsidiaries as well as key players and decision makers.
  • Understand your client’s current purchasing strategies as well as internal distribution practices and supply chains.
  • Research and gain a deep understanding of your client’s business and their goals as well as the obstacles standing in their way of achieving them.
  •  Understand your client’s market, their primary competitors, and how your product or services can help them to be more competitive in their market.
  • Establish customer performance metrics to document your client’s successes over time.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to your customer-facing team and define common goals, regular correspondence, and the alignment of sales initiatives and resources.
  • Foster a many-to-many approach to building relationships between key members of your organization and the primary influencers and decision makers within your client’s organization.
  • Deepen your relationships within an account in order to increase account share, share-of-wallet, or share-of-spend.
  • Develop customer reference stories for use in future sales campaigns within the account or with other clients.
  • Earn trust and develop enduring business relationships that protect your account from competitive threats while ensuring customer loyalty, repeat business, and customer referrals.
  • Position yourself for follow-on business and start making the second sale before you complete the first.

  1. On-site Classroom Training. A customized program, between one and three days, with interactive discussions, small group exercises and tailored role plays.
  2. Virtual Classroom Training. Our same live, instructor-led classroom experience to individuals or sales teams anywhere in the world without the need for travel costs.
  3. Online Learning. Self-paced HD video eLearning modules for asynchronous learning and reinforcement.
  4. Instructor Certification. Become certified to teach this program through our Train the Trainer program.

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