Sales Training Services

If you have a sales team, you want to work with Sales Excellence. Our global sales training services result in increased sales team productivity, create behavior change, and drive improved sales performance for any sales team, in any industry.

Sales Excellence brings you more than just sales training. We offer several components that we can leverage to put together a comprehensive sales curriculum that will have a long-term impact on changes in sales behavior.

360° Sales Assessments

The 360° Sales Excellence Competency and Behavior Assessment™ creates a benchmark and informs a path for sales training and development. It’s designed to determine what salespeople know and, more importantly, how they are applying what they know and helps determine what the training should entail. Learn about our sales assessments

On-site Sales Training

Using our seven-step approach, we work with you to determine where your sales team’s greatest opportunity for improvement is and establish clear goals and plans to get them where they need to be. We then assemble a customized solution that starts with improving skills and goes on to establish the right approach for reinforcing and embedding those skills into every day behavior. Explore on-site training

Online Sales Training and Sales eLearning

We use our Sales Excellence University™ online learning platform to offer asynchronous HD video eLearning modules accessible 24/7 via browsers, tablets and smartphones. This self-paced learning greatly enhances adoption and retention of the ideas and approaches in our training. Learn more about eLearning

Virtual Workshops

Since our founding, Sales Excellence has specialized in custom-tailored one, two, or three-day classroom learning experiences that include small group exercises, role-plays, and other interactive segments to drive observable and measurable changes in sales behavior. Learn about Virtual Workshops


Sales Training Reinforcement

While sales training is the right first step in improving sales performance, the real key to success is training reinforcement. Too often training lacks reinforcement to enforce sustainability and the newly learned skills quickly become forgotten. The surest way to reinforce new selling behaviors is to embed them into daily use. Find out about reinforcement

Sales Excellence® Advisor – On-Demand Video Library

The Sales Excellence® Advisor On-Demand Video Library is comprised of dozens of short video teaching segments that are designed to answer the most critical questions that salespeople tend to ask. Learn more about the library

Audio Learning Series

All Sales Excellence® training programs and reinforcement curricula are available in a series of audio (.mp3 files or podcasts) that can be easily downloaded and listened to while driving, exercising, or any time you can’t watch a video. Learn more about the audio series

Management Consulting

Sales management consulting allows sales organizations to position their sales and marketing teams to drive sales effectiveness and generate more revenue while improving profit margin. Learn more about management consulting

Train the Trainer

When new sales people are hired it’s critical to get them acclimated to the language, processes, and tools of your sales organization as quickly as possible. Many large organizations, especially those with global sales teams, benefit from enrolling sales managers or learning and development personnel in Sales Excellence’s Train the Trainer program to allow for quick implementations of training. Train the Trainer is also an effective way to ensure that all sales members are consistently and regularly applying the selling skills and processes. See who should be trained

Keynote Presentations

The founders and leaders of Sales Excellence bring a collective wealth of business and leadership experience that is rivaled by few. Among the many professional services we provide, we are often engaged to deliver keynote or breakout presentations to groups of all sizes at global sales meetings, annual sales kick offs, sales conferences, and business conventions. Sales Excellence founder and president, Bill Stinnett, is a frequent guest speaker for some of the largest and most well known companies in the world. See sample keynote topics

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