One-On-One Sales Coaching

Sales Excellence offers all of our sales training workshops to individuals (or small groups) in a personalized, one-on-one (one-on-few) format that focuses on you and your sales environment. Using the latest eLearning and web conferencing technology, we deliver the exact same learning content presented in our on-site workshops to salespeople, sales managers and executives wherever they happen to be located in the world.

What You Get

  • A completely tailored learning curriculum addressing your specific sales challenges
  • One (1) one-hour assessment call to help develop your curriculum
  • Eight (8) HD Video eLearning modules to complete on-line at your own pace
  • Four (4) one-hour web conference sessions with one of our certified sales coaches
  • Clear application of the material to actual sales opportunities in your sales pipeline
  • A set of electronic sales tools for fieldwork and ongoing application and reinforcement

How It Works

You work one-on-one (small groups can work together) with a highly-experienced sales veteran to develop a program that fits your learning needs and that is focused on your specific goals and objectives. Then, we personalize the program to address the specific challenges of your industry, your market, and your customers using examples and exercises based on your actual sales opportunities.

Once the program content is finalized, you take an eLearning module and meet virtually with your coach every week, every two weeks, or once a month to discuss the practical application of the learning a module at a time. This gives you a chance to absorb the material as you go and apply what you learn, including assigned fieldwork following each session, on live accounts and sales opportunities.

It breaks down to three steps that lead to improved skills and progress on your accounts:

  1. Using content and material from one or more of our training courses, Sales Excellence personalizes an 8 module program that addresses your specific challenges.
  2. You take a 45-60 minute eLearning module, complete the associated fieldwork and send it back to your coach.
  3. The coach reviews your works and schedules a one-hour web conference to talk about the fieldwork and how to apply what you’ve learned from that module to your specific sales environment.

You can pace your one-on-one coaching sessions however you see fit and have on-line access to the eLearning modules for a full 12 months.

The Value of This Approach

There are a number of reasons why one-on-one coaching is ideal for many sales professionals and sales managers:

  • Learn the same material presented in our on-site corporate workshops
  • Eliminate travel costs with no need to travel to an event
  • Minimize interruption of schedules and time out of the field
  • Self- paced learning that greatly enhances adoption and retention of the ideas and approaches
  • Discussions are custom-tailored to your specific selling situation and are focused on your clients, your business, and your industry

What Learning Topics Are Covered?

All of our training workshops are offered as one-one-one (or small group) coaching programs. Most participants (groups) select eight (8) modules of learning from one or more of our training programs. Six or 12-module programs are also available.

Coach-the-Coach for Sales Managers

As part of a comprehensive sales training initiative, many of our clients recognize the importance of training their sales managers to lead and coach their sales teams to support and reinforce the desired changes in attitudes and behavior. Many sales managers simply need help making the transition from success sales representative to effective sales manager. For both of these situations, Sales Excellence offers what we call a “Coach-the-Coach” program. Each manager in the program will work directly with a highly-experienced sales veteran to develop a personal growth plan focused on their goals and objectives. Using content and material from one or more of our training courses, we personalize a 4, 6, or 8 module program to address the specific challenges faced in your world. The sales managers will work with his-her coach 60-90 minutes every week or two to work through the program. This gives you the opportunity to go back and apply what you learn with your sales team between sessions and get immediate real-world feedback on your progress.

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