Sales Excellence online sales training, or eLearning, can be used as preparation for an on-site sales training workshop, as ongoing reinforcement after a workshop, or as a complete virtual version of our sales training programs. Our eLearning modules are fully SCORM compliant and are easily delivered and tracked via any Learning Management System (LMS).

The Value of Online Sales Training

There are a number of reasons why eLearning is ideal for many sales professionals and sales managers:

  • Learn the same material presented in our on-site corporate workshops
  • Eliminate travel costs with no need to travel to an event
  • Minimize interruption of schedules and time out of the field
  • Self- paced learning that greatly enhances adoption and retention of the ideas and approaches
Online Sales Training

Pricing Options

Individual eLearning Modules

  • Each module is approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Includes quiz questions throughout

8 Pack of eLearning Modules

  • Choose any eight (8) modules to create your own curriculum.

eLearning Plus Private Coaching

  • (8) eLearning modules
  • (1) one-hour upfront assessment call to help handpick the right modules for you
  • (4) one-hour coaching calls with a Sales Excellence® certified sales coach

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