Sales Training Reinforcement

While sales training is the right first step in improving sales performance, the real key to success is training reinforcement.  Too often training lacks reinforcement to enforce sustainability and the newly learned skills quickly become forgotten. The surest way to reinforce new selling behaviors is to embed them into daily use.

How to Reinforce Sales Training

Sales Excellence sets you up for success from the moment we being training. Many reinforcement tools are built into the program itself as well as offered for post training implementation. Here’s how we ensure our training is an on-going, integral part of your sales team’s day-to-day behavior:

  • Role plays that allow participants to practice the skills live during training
  • eLearning modules that can be accessed and reviewed for refresher training whenever needed
  • Coaching that makes our programs available to individuals in a personalized one-on-one format
  • Ongoing, regular training that can be made available through our Train the Trainer program
  • CRM integration of sales processes and tools via our sales enablement application

Reinforcement Curriculum

Includes eight (8) modules of Interactive HD-Video eLearning delivered via Sales Excellence® University delivered every six weeks as well as four (4) one-hour Web Workshops (web conferences) with participants and four (4) Coach-the-Coach Web Workshops for sales managers delivered roughly quarterly over a period of 12 months.

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