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The return-on-investment for learning and development should be measured in numbers you can take to the bank. We insist on it!

What Results Can Executives Expect?

Grow your client base

Nothing is more important to sustained business success than growing your customer or client base. Whether it's a new-name client or a new constituency within an existing account, the quest for more customers is central to all that business is about. It starts with serving and retaining the customers you have now. You can't grow if you are losing customers as fast as you add them. These two programs are designed to help you build a stronger relationship with the clients you have as well as add new clients.

Increase gross revenue

There are only two ways to increase revenue: do more transactions or increase the average size of each transaction. The most effective sales organizations endeavor to do both. We focus on helping sales people learn how to maximize their "sales capacity" that is to effectively manage more deals simultaneously as well as learn to grow the size of deals through cross-selling and up-selling.

Improve human capital utilization

Increasing revenue and controlling or reducing cost-of-sales are only two of the three ingredients needed for a profitable company. Today's marketplace dictates that we maximize asset utilization, which means to accomplish more with less infrastructure . . . and fewer people. The efficient use of human capital and the ongoing development of talent is vital to sustained growth and profitability. Basically, it boils down to empowering each salesperson to sell more so you don't have to hire as many new people.

Reduce your average cost-of-sale

Increasing gross revenue is only half the battle. Unless we simultaneously  control or reduce costs and maximize our asset utilization, our efforts may produce fewer profits than before. Managing the average cost-of-sale should be a major objective for every sales organization. One of the biggest factors in reducing your average cost-of-sale is identifying the opportunities to NOT invest precious sales resources.

Improve margins and keep more profit

The math is really quite simple . . .

         Revenue - costs = margin        
         Margin - expenses = profit

No growth strategy can be compete without a plan to reduce price erosion and protect margins. Every dollar we DON'T give away in price reductions or negotiation is a dollar that drops directly to the bottom line. As companies strive to become learner and more efficient, why not invest more in equipping your sales people to bring in more margin to work with?

Sales Excellence Programs

We offer a wide variety of subjects ranging from our compete methodology to specialty programs focus on the most important skills of the selling profession.

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On-Site Workshops

Custom-tailored learning experiences designed for your company at any location that's best for your team.

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Live-Video Workshops

Highly interactive live-video learning sessions complete with small-group discussions and role-play exercises.

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World-Class eLearning

Online learning for sales teams and individuals located anywhere. Available 24/7/365. Highly engaging and delivered to any device!

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Workshop in a Box

High-quality learning experience for groups of any size facilitated by  anyone who can “push play” and lead a group discussion.

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