Results for Sales Professionals

Everything we do is designed to help sales professionals find more deals, create bigger deals, close deals faster, and close a higher percentage of them!

Results for Sales Professionals

Develop more new business opportunities

A burgeoning pipeline solves nearly every problem we have in sales. To maintain a healthy pipeline that will produce consistent sales results month after month, then finding a creating new sales opportunities needs to be a daily habit. Both of these programs are designed to help salespeople fill the funnel with high-quality opportunities.

Reach and engage senior executives

One of the most common questions we hear from salespeople is, "How do you get through to executive-level decision makers and what do you say when you get there?" Selling at the executive level is vital to maximizing deal size, accelerating sales velocity, and improving the predictability of your sales results. Here are two programs that focus on thin all-important skill set.

Maximize your personal productivity

A comment we constantly hear from salespeople is, "How do you get it all done in a day?" The truth is you cannot get it "all" done in a day. This means you have to prioritize the most "important" aspects of your job and make sure those activities don't get displaced by all the "urgent" demands on our time. We have to learn how to "invest" more of our time instead of just "spend" it. Both of these programs are all about maximizing productivity.

Differentiate yourself and neutralize competition

In a world filled with so many things competing for your customer's attention, it's hard from them to make time to understand what makes one product or one company different from another. So, many customers start making buying decisions based on price alone. We cannot allow that to happen! It's our job to help customers understand what makes us unique and better than whatever or whoever we are competing with. If you differentiate yourself well enough, you won't have to compete!

Lead the buying process and close more sales

Most salespeople will acknowledge the value of a defined sales process. A defined roadmap on the steps we need to take to sell something drives efficiency, helps us make fewer mistakes, and hopefully not forget important steps we need to take. BUT . . . in order for our process to result in a closed deal, we have to understand and facilitate our customer's buying process. Both of the programs focus heavily on how to manage complex sales opportunities to closure.

Sales Excellence Programs

We offer a wide variety of subjects ranging from our compete methodology to specialty programs focus on the most important skills of the selling profession.

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Highly interactive live-video learning sessions complete with small-group discussions and role-play exercises.

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