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Onboard New Sales Professionals

The time it takes to get salespeople ramped-to-quota is a crucial factor in attaining aggressive revenue goals. This requires a laser focus on the skills and competencies required to fill the sales pipeline manage opportunities to closure. Flexibility to how, when, and where skills training can be delivered becomes a chief concern. These two links can help . . .

Certification of Sales Competencies

It's one thing to schedule a training workshop and make sure everybody shows up, but driving long-term, observable changes in sales behavior that leads to measurable changes in sales results is quite another. We blend multiple modalities of learning with our proprietary Sales Accountability Framework™ to ensure that the investment you make in training, whether in a classroom or entirely online produces the intended result.

Standardized Sales Processes

Most companies, large or small, struggle with maintain a standard approach to sales that drives efficiency, repeatability, and consistent results. It's only natural for every salesperson to have their own style, but when every person is doing their own thing it becomes almost impossible to ensure a consistent customer experience and to support each salesperson with the tools and coaching they will need to succeed. These two programs are designed to address these concerns.

Minimize Travel with Online Learning

A top-of-mind concern for nearly every company these days is to contain cost associated with business travel. One of the biggest constraints to providing consistent training and development support for distributed sales teams is allocating the budget for flying everyone in for a training session. We leverage a variety of the latest online learning technologies to dramatically reduce travel costs and time out of the field while maintaining a high-impact learning experience. Many of our clients have been able to eliminate the classroom altogether!

Leverage Sales Enablement Tools

What drives consistency and repeatability of sales behavior is standard processes supported by useful and easy-to-use sales tools. All of our programs come with a wide array of sales tools that support all of the skills and approached we teach. We also offer a powerful set of sales tools that run right within

Sales Excellence Programs

We offer a wide variety of subjects ranging from our compete methodology to specialty programs focus on the most important skills of the selling profession.

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On-Site Workshops

Custom-tailored learning experiences designed for your company at any location that's best for your team.

Why Hold Training On-Site?

Live-Video Workshops

Highly interactive live-video learning sessions complete with small-group discussions and role-play exercises.

How Effective Can Remote Learning Be?

World-Class eLearning

Online learning for sales teams and individuals located anywhere. Available 24/7/365. Highly engaging and delivered to any device!

Take Online Learning to Another Level

Workshop in a Box

High-quality learning experience for groups of any size facilitated by  anyone who can “push play” and lead a group discussion.

Flexible and Localized Facilitation

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