Sales Negotiation Strategies and Techniques

A two-day, custom-tailored, onsite workshop packed with interactive exercises, role-plays, as well as both small-group and full-group discussions. This program is the perfect extension to the Sales Excellence® Core Methodology for sales professionals who face significant competitive pricing pressure and profit erosion.

Learning Objectives

Create a comprehensive strategy for each account so you are consistently presenting new ideas that maximize profits for you and your clients.

Develop tools and processes that document requests and tradeoffs already made as well as how to turn every customer request into an opportunity for a tradeoff.

Using a business case or ROI projection, help your buyer recognize benefits in order to validate the value received for your price.

Use the Sales Excellence Negotiation Process to identify and overcome objections, reach mutually beneficial agreements, and bring business to closure.

Internalize and apply the Top 10 Rules of Effective Negotiation to position yourself to win while commanding a premium price.

Establish primary and secondary negotiation strategies and the top three tactics for each.

Establish parameters that detail what’s negotiable and what isn’t.

Establish effective competitive differentiation based on what your buyer values

Learn to minimize price erosion and protect profitability using tradeoffs, counter offers, and hypothetical resolutions.

Learn and practice the Top 10 Most Effective Negotiation Techniques.

Module 1 : Identifying and Minimizing "Profit Leaks"
  • The concept of margin and profit “leaks”
  • Exercise: Where are you leaking margin/profit?
  • Changing your attitude: “That profit is yours, not theirs.”
  • Changing your behavior: How do you slow these leaks?
  • Best practices for isolating and stopping profit leaks
Sales Tool: Minimizing Profit Leak Worksheet
Module 2 : Defending Yourself Against "Profit Extortion"
  • The motives and behavior of today’s buyers
  • Your buyer’s top ten negotation tactics
  • Exercise: Defending yourself and your profit margins
  • Dealing with and managing predatory buyers
  • Becoming a black belt in profit self-defense
Sales Tool: Profit Self-Defense Checklist
Module 3 : Developing Your Negotiation Leverage
  • Understanding the seven forms of negotiation leverage
  • Developing your own negotiation leverage
  • Mitigating your buyers’ negotiation leverage
  • The three major precursors to effective negotiation
  • Exercise: Winning the quest for negotiation leverage
Sales Tool: Negotiation Leverage Worksheet
Module 4 : Pricing and Negotiation Strategy
  • The difference between pricing and negotiating
  • Rules for effective pricing strategy
  • Playing offense and preparing to score on defense
  • Exercise: crafting mutual “Profit Opportunities”
  • Presenting Profit Opportunities to your client
Sales Tool: Profit Opportunities Planner
Module 5 : The Six "Advanced Basics" of Negotiation
  • Asking great closing questions
  • Exercise: Identifying and handling objections
  • Using a pre-negotiation agreement
  • Leveraging the Counteroffer
  • Mastering the art of the trade-off
  • Maintaining control with the Hypothetical Resolution
Sales Tool: Negotiation Process Worksheet
Module 6 : The Art of Trading Profit for Profit
  • Identifying your buyers’ most common profit requests
  • Defining what could represent “profit” to you
  • Determining what you might be willing to “trade”
  • The concept of surgical concession-making
  • The art of creative deal-making
  • Role play: Trading profit for profit
Sales Tool: Trading Profit for Profit Worksheet
Module 7 : Strategic Negotiation Planning
  • Planning your pricing and negotiation strategy
  • Anticipating your customer’s requests and demands
  • Preparing your own requests and demands
  • Defining your own “walk away” point
  • Leveraging the concept of “Trade Packages”
Sales Tool: Strategic Negotiation Planner
Module 8 : Simulated Negotiation Strategies
  • Work in small teams to prepare for complex negotiation scenario
  • Develop an effective pricing and negotiation strategy
  • Meet with mock buyer (or buyer group) in a simulated negotiation scenario
  • Bring mock deal to closure while maintenance and maximizing profitability
Sales Tool: Pipeline Performance Planner

Course Description

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Client Testimonials

“The half-day workshop you did for us at our recent sales meeting was exactly what our sales team needed. Thank you for taking the time with me up front to customize the content so that it was directly applicable to our business.”

Tony Schehtman
Vice President, Sales
DataCore Software

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