Sales Prospecting and Business Development

Build and develop your pipelines.

Learning Objectives

Establish a repeatable, actionable 90-day business development plan designed to measure and achieve specific goals.

Identify the characteristics of those who would most likely benefit from and buy your solutions and transform that into a Profile of the Ideal Client.

Use multiple mediums of communication to reach a variety of key people within the prospective client’s organization.

Propose and close on the logical next step, such as a face-to-face meeting with the prospect.

Thoroughly research target accounts and prepare a powerful approach that articulates the business value you can deliver.

Employ proven and effective techniques for written and verbal conversations that set you apart from the average salesperson.

Craft and ask diagnostic questions to pique interest and reveal opportunities for making a positive impact the prospect’s business.

Track business development efforts and results to establish benchmarks and determine the greatest opportunities for improvement.

Module 1 : Sales Prospecting in the 21st Century
  • The evolution of sales prospecting
  • Blending marketing, sales, and business development
  • Redefining your role in creating sales opportunities
  • Preparing yourself for prospecting in today’s market
  • The skills needed for 21st Century prospecting
Sales Tool: Prospecting Skills Assessment
Module 2 : Strategic vs Tactical Prospecting
  • Moving from tactical to more strategic prospecting
  • The five phases of your prospecting process
  • Defining your profile of the ideal client
  • Using the concept of targeted prospecting
  • Developing a revolving list of target accounts
Sales Tool: Profile of the Ideal Client
Module 3 : Preparation for Strategic Prospecting
  • Understanding why your customers buy
  • Prospecting research and preparation
  • Understanding your customer’s business
  • Determining the value and results you can deliver
  • Linking your solutions to your client’s goals
Sales Tool: Prospecting Research Template
Module 4 : Defining your Prospecting Strategy
  • Acquiring the strategic prospecting mindset
  • Who should we be approaching and how?
  • Finding the right people within accounts
  • Determining the “angle” you’ll take with each contact
  • Defining what you want your customer to think or do
Sales Tool: Prospecting Strategy Worksheet
Module 5 : Crafting a Powerful Prospecting Approach
  • Exploring prospecting approach strategies
  • Leveraging networks and referrals
  • Aligning with your customer’s stated goals
  • Challenging your customer’s status quo
  • Leveraging the “value hypothesis”
Sales Tool: Prospecting Approach Worksheet
Module 6 : Leveraging a Multi-prong Approach Pattern
  • Using multiple communication mediums in your approach
  • Creating a multi-prong approach pattern
  • Raising above the “noise” and getting noticed
  • Using creative approach mediums in combination
  • Tracking progress through the multi-pronged approach
Sales Tool: Multi-pronged Approach Worksheet
Module 7 : Developing Your Own Prospecting Templates
  • Mastering the art of the printed letter
  • Creating compelling prospecing emails
  • Effective use of voicemail messages
  • Developing your telephone talking points
  • Leveraging other mediums of communication
Sales Tool: Collection of Prospecting Templates
Module 8 : Turning Conversations into Sales Opportunities
  • Crafting and using diagnostic questions
  • Preparing and using “executive access questions”
  • Earning your way past gatekeepers and assistants
  • Identifying and preparing for first call objections
  • Selling your prospect on a process of mutual discovery
Sales Tool: First-Call Objections Worksheet
Module 9: Planning and Tracking Your Prospecting Results
  • Defining the stages of your prospecting process
  • Establishing milestones and key metrics
  • Reverse activity planning and goal setting
  • Tracking your conversion rate at each process stage
  • Measuring and maximizing velocity through the process
Sales Tool: Prospecting  Process Tracking Tool
Module 10: Growing Your Confidence and Relatability
  • Developing your personal and professional confidence
  • Envisioning and rehearsing success
  • Relating to various personality and buying styles
  • Building rapport and influence with your prospects
  • Becoming your customer’s trusted advisor
Sales Tool: Confidence and relate-ability Plan
Module 11: Time and Territory Management for Prospecting
  • Establishing your territory goals and objectives
  • Planning your territory coverage and activity
  • Establishing your prospecting goals and objectives
  • Compartamentalizing your work week
  • Creating a 30-day prospecting plan
Sales Tool: 30 Day Prospecting Plan Template
Module 12: Responding to Inbound Leads, Inquiries, and RFPs
  • Engaging prospects wherever they are at in the process
  • Lead nurting and ongoing business development
  • Reshaping your customer’s buying and selection process
  • Using leads and RFPs to create “real” sales opportunities
  • Best practices to responding to formal RFPs
Sales Tool: Best Practices to Responding to Leads and RFPs
Workshop Length Options

Three Day Workshop = All 12 Module
Two Day Workshop = 8 Modules of your choice
One-Day Workshop = 4 Modules hand-selected

Course Description

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