Selling to C-Level and VP-Level Executives™

If you're up for a challenge, the rewards can be amazing!

Learning Objectives

Get past gate keepers and learn the five key strategies to get to the hard-to-reach- executive.

Identify business drivers and corporate objectives that you can impact.

Position your offerings as solutions that deliver specific, measurable business results.

Prepare and deliver a world-class sales presentation that is worthy of executive audiences.

Establish a joint plan for a process of mutual discovery and a shared definition of success.

Identify the executive’s key business challenges.

Create a rock-solid value proposition.

Demonstrate specific domain expertise and business acumen by speaking like an executive.

Obtain executive sponsorship for the discovery process and a commitment to act on the findings.

Earn trust and build long-term executive relationships.

Module 1 : Engaging Customers at the Executive Level
  • Why do we need to access the executive level?
  • The challenge of selling to the executive level
  • The roles executives play in the buying process
  • The “bottom up” vs the “top down” buying process
  • How, when, and why to engage at the executive level
Sales Tool: Executive Buying Roles Assessment
Module 2 : Speaking the Language of the Senior Executive
  • Understanding the world of the senior level executive
  • Executive-level roles and responsibilities
  • Linking your solutions to executive-level goals
  • Developing your business acumen and vocabulary
  • Becoming conversant in the language of business
Sales Tool: Executive Language Worksheet
Module 3 : Linking Your Solutions to Executive-Level Goals
  • The three key objectives of every for-profit company
  • How executives develops objectives and initiatives
  • Tying your solutions to executive-level initiatives
  • Crafting executive-level business solutions
  • Translating value across the enterprise
Sales Tool: Business Value Hierarchy Worksheet
Module 4 : Preparing to Engage at the Executive-Level
  • Understanding your customer’s business
  • Conducting meaningful company research
  • Compiling useful executive research
  • Establishing your executive-level account strategy
  • Defining your executive value hypothesis
Sales Tool: Executive Value Hypothesis Worksheet
Module 5 : Earning Access to the Executive-Level
  • 6 major strategies to access the executive level
  • Understanding and leveraging gatekeepers
  • Leveraging your own executive management team
  • Executive-level networking and referrals
  • Leveraging peer to peer executive introductions
Sales Tool: Executive Access Plan
Module 6 : Approaching the Executive Level Directly
  • Establishing an executive approach process
  • Defining specific executive approach plans
  • Using a multi-pronged approach pattern
  • Earning the initial executive-level conversation
  • Turning executive conversations into opportunities
Sales Tool: Executive Level Approach Plan
Module 7 : Conducting Effective Executive-Level Meetings
  • Preparing for your VP or C-Level meeting
  • Objective of your first executive-level meeting
  • Facilitating executive-level conversations
  • Crafting effective diagnostic questions
  • Diagnostic questioning at the executive-level
Sales Tool: Executive Meeting Planner
Module 8 : Obtaining Executive Level Sponsorship
  • Establishing a shared definition of “success”
  • Positioning and proposing your solution
  • Demonstrating the “linkage” between your solutions and executive-level business goals and initiatives
  • Obtaining executive-level sponsorship
Sales Tool: Executive Alignment Worksheet
Module 9: Reading and Leveraging Financial Statements
  • Understanding business performance metrics
  • The Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)
  • The Balance Sheet
  • The Statement of Cash Flows
  • How to leverage financial statements in selling
Sales Tool: Financial Statement Analysis Worksheet
Module 10: Developing an Executive-Level Business Case
  • Demystifying return on investment
  • Ways that return on investment can be calculated
  • Constructing an ROI analysis and business case
  • Leveraging your business case at the executive-level
Sales Tool: Executive Business Case Template
Module 11: Presenting to the Executive Level
  • The time and place for an executive presentation
  • The goals of an executive-level presentation
  • The structure of an effective executive-level presentation
  • Creating alignment and gaining commitment
  • Leveraging the Executive Presentation Template.
Sales Tool: Executive Presentation Template
Module 12: Closing Business at the Executive-Level
  • Staying engaged at the executive-level
  • Keeping the executive involved in the process
  • Developing momentum in the buying process
  • Trouble-shooting the buying process
  • Using the Customer Results Plan at the executive-level
Sales Tool: Customer Results Plan Template
Workshop Modules

Three Day Workshop = all 12 modules above
Two day Workshop = 8 modules of your choice

Course Description

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Client Testimonials

“The half-day workshop you did for us at our recent sales meeting was exactly what our sales team needed. Thank you for taking the time with me up front to customize the content so that it was directly applicable to our business.”

Tony Schehtman
Vice President, Sales
DataCore Software

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