Time Management Strategies for Sales Professionals™

Advanced time management strategies and techniques for maximizing your effectiveness and sales performance.

Learning Objectives

Invest more of your sales time and spend less of it.

Define your highest priorities and build your workweek around those priorities

Build your week around the most important aspects of your job and minimize non-selling time

Better manage and segment your territory and account base to maximize the potential within key accounts

Turn initial conversations into meetings and convert meetings into sales engagements with more effective pre-call planning and preparation

Understand where your time is going now and reallocate it accordingly.

Employ simple but powerful time management techniques for planning a more effective workweek.

Increase your sales capacity by leveraging specific systems, tools, and processes to maximize your return-on-time-invested.

Translate your results goals and activity goals and leverage reverse planning to improve your efficiency

Take advantage of time management secrets from top sales performers worldwide!

Module 1 : Taking Control of Your Workweek
  • The truths of time management
  • Learning to “invest” more time and “spend” less time
  • The difference between the “urgent” and the “important”
  • Assessing how you are currently allocating your time
  • Leveraging the Sales Excellence Time Tracker
Sales Tool: Sales Excellence Time Tracker
Module 2 : Identifying Your Highest Professional Priorities
  • Establishing and ranking your professional priorities
  • How your priorities determine your preference
  • Distinguishing your best opportunities for investment
  • Linking your activities to your highest priorities
  • Identifying where to allocate more time or less time
Sales Tool: Priorities and Activities Worksheet
Module 3 : Getting Organized Around Your Highest Priorities
  • The concept of compartmentalization
  • Leveraging the “Exclusive Block” of time
  • Learning to use “Time Containers”
  • Making time for planning and preparation
  • Planning your workweek for maximum effectiveness
Sales Tool: Weekly Planning Template
Module 4 : Advanced Task and Activity Management
  • Getting your arms around ALL your tasks and activities
  • Adopting a system for task and activity management
  • Using your task management system consistently
  • How to keep your inbox from becoming your task list
  • Collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing, and doing
Sales Tool: Advanced Task Management Template
Module 5 : Winning the Inner Game of Selling
  • How your attitude determines your sales results
  • Putting fear and trepidation into perspective
  • Winning the battle against procrastination
  • Developing confidence in what you selling
  • Developing your own self confidence
Sales Tool: Best Practices for Winning the Inner Game of Selling
Module 6 : Maintaining Your Motivation and Focus
  • Understanding where motivation comes from
  • Leveraging multiple forms of external motivation
  • How to tap your own internal motivation
  • How focus makes you more effective in everything
  • Making motivation and focus a part of every day
Sales Tool: Daily Motivation and Focus Planner
Module 7 : Managing Your Territory and Account Base
  • The foundation of time and territory planning
  • Segmenting your territory and accounts
  • Identifying potential within territories and accounts
  • Establishing standard practices for account development
  • Developing a yearly, monthly, and weekly sales plan
Sales Tool: Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Sales Planner
Module 8 : Planning and Tracking Your Prospecting Activity
  • Minimizing the effects of the prospecting roller coaster
  • Translating result goals into activity goals
  • Reverse planning and sales activity planning
  • Tracking your sales activity and results
  • Leveraging your tracked data to drive improvement
Sales Tool: Business Development Tracking Tool
Module 9: Making the Most of Every Customer Interaction
  • The customer interactions that move deals forward
  • Turning initial conversations into meetings
  • Converting meetings into engagements
  • Pre-meeting (pre-call) planning and preparation
  • Structuring and closing sales opportunities
Sales Tool: Pre-Meeting (Pre-Call) Planning Tool
Module 10: Increasing your "Sales Capacity"
  • What is your “Sales Capacity” and how is it measured
  • Using systems, tools, and processes to your advantage
  • Establishing standard practices to improve efficiency
  • Leveraging your internal team to help you sell more
  • Mastering the fine art of delegation and team work
Sales Tool: Leveraging Sales Resources Worksheet
Module 11: Maximizing Return-on-Time Invested
  • Increase your “deal count” in any period of time
  • Growing your average deal size
  • Accerating the velocity of sales opportunities
  • Increasing your “pipeline turns” to maximize through put
  • Improving your sales win-rate and forecast accuracy
Sales Tool: Maximizing Pipeline Performance Worksheet
Module 12: Time Management Secrets of Top Performers
  • Module 12: Time Management Secrets of Top Performers
  • Avoid the most time-consuming behaviors
  • Learn how to protect yourself from time stealers
  • Develop the attitude of a “master of your time”
  • Invest in your own professional development
Sales Tool: Twelve Best Kept Secrets of Time Management
Delivery Options

All our sales programs are available as on-site classroom or live virtual classroom training. Both methods include custom-tailored modules. You may also choose self-paced HD eLearning modules for asynchronous learning and reinforcement, or you may become certified to teach this program through our Train the Trainer program.

Course Description

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Client Testimonials

“I cannot think of a single business day that I don’t use some portion of your program to remind my sales team to think beyond our own sales process and start thinking about our customer’s buying process.”

Mike Hoffman
Vice President of Western Sales
MRV Communications

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