Sales Competency Certification

Designed to determine what salespeople know and, more importantly, how they are applying what they know.

Sales Competency Certification

The 360° Sales Excellence Competency and Behavior Assessment™ creates a benchmark and informs a path for sales training and development. It’s designed to determine what salespeople know and, more importantly, how they are applying what they know and helps determine what the training should entail. It provides deep insight drawing on self-evaluation as well as observations from managers, peers, and clients. The results provide a clear roadmap for the types of training, development, and fundamental changes in thinking and behavior required for each sales professional to take their game to the next level.

Value to Your Organization

  • Illuminate not only what your salespeople know, but what they are applying on a regular basis.
  • Identify the greatest opportunities for sales performance improvement for your whole team or for individuals.
  • Benchmark each member of the team on a broad variety of criteria including the “intangibles” that are so vital to sustained long-term sales success.
  • Design individual training and development plans.

How it Works

This innovative assessment uses observations from multiple sources to provide the most complete picture of sales performance available.
This questionnaire is not only for the individual. The assessment is collected as survey data in the form of questionnaire responses from:

  • Each salesperson (self-evaluation)
  • Their direct manager(s) (manager evaluation)
  • Their colleagues and co-workers (peer evaluation)
  • Select customers (customer evaluation)

When to Assess

Our assessment is designed to determine what your salespeople know and how they are applying what they know before any training begins. This helps us decide what your training should entail and the analysis of all data will be compiled and used to design and develop a compressive learning and development curriculum. We then use the same set of questions three, six, or nine months after training has taken place to see what changes have occurred.

What Makes it Different

  • A true 360 that includes clients as evaluators.
  • Unlimited number of evaluators.
  • Entirely web based and automated with no manual work required by managers.
  • Captures current state as well as desired future state.
  • Customize questions that are specific to your company and industry to make the assessment actionable to your business.

Sales Excellence Programs

A Curriculum for every stage of the sales process.

On-Site Workshops

Custom-tailored learning experiences designed for your company at any location that's best for your team.

Why Hold Training On-Site?

Live-Video Workshops

Highly interactive live-video learning sessions complete with small-group discussions and role-play exercises.

How Effective Can Remote Learning Be?

World-Class eLearning

Online learning for sales teams and individuals located anywhere. Available 24/7/365. Highly engaging and delivered to any device!

Take Online Learning to Another Level

Workshop in a Box

High-quality learning experience for groups of any size facilitated by  anyone who can “push play” and lead a group discussion.

Flexible and Localized Facilitation

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