Online Sales Training

Welcome to the third-generation of eLearning from Sales Excellence. Online learning will never be the same!

Online Sales Training

Sales Excellence online sales training, or eLearning, can be used as preparation for an on-site sales training workshop, as ongoing reinforcement after a workshop, or as a complete virtual version of our sales training programs. Our eLearning modules are fully SCORM compliant and are easily delivered and tracked via any Learning Management System (LMS).

The Value of Online Sales Training

There are a number of reasons why eLearning is ideal for many sales professionals and sales managers:

  • Learn the same material presented in our on-site corporate workshops
  • Eliminate travel costs with no need to travel to an event
  • Minimize interruption of schedules and time out of the field
  • Self- paced learning that greatly enhances adoption and retention of the ideas and approaches

The New Standard in Online Learning

The days of text-based or scripted, talking-head eLearning is over! Welcome to an online learning experience that feels like you are sitting in a classroom.

Individual e-Learning Modules


  • Each module is approximately 45-60 minutes
  • Includes quiz questions throughout

8 Pack of eLearning Modules


  • Choose any eight (8) modules

eLearning Plus Private Coaching


  • (8) eLearning modules
  • (1) one-hour upfront assessment call to help handpick the right modules for you
  • (4) one-hour coaching calls with a Sales Excellence certified sales coach

Sales Excellence Programs

A Curriculum for every stage of the sales process.

Latest Programs from Sales Excellence Academy

Sales Excellence® Core Methodology

Our complete 12-module program shot in hi-def video over a three-day workshop covering the major topics of selling including prospecting, selling value, qualification, deal management, negotiation, time management, and more.

Time Management for Sales Professionals™

Real-world, practical solutions to the biggest challenge of the sales profession. Learn how to invest your time in the right activities and minimize distractions that get in the way of selling. Includes a weekly planner and time tracking tool.

The Advanced Basics of Negotiation™

Learn the most important strategies and tactics of sales negotiation including asking for commitment, creative pricing practices, using counter-offers, trading profit for profit, as well as protecting yourself from predatory buying practices.

Developing Accounts Strategically™

An in-depth look at how to drive account penetration and partnership to maximize account share with your best customers. Analyze the potential for expanding your position. Plan and execute executive-level meetings. Includes two planning templates.

Sales Excellence Foundation™

The four most popular and essential topics from our Core Methodology program, including Learning to Think Like Your Customer, Selling Business Value and Results, Developing a Relationship Map, and Facilitating Your Customer's Buying Process.

On-Site Workshops

Custom-tailored learning experiences designed for your company at any location that's best for your team.

Why Hold Training On-Site?

Live-Video Workshops

Highly interactive live-video learning sessions complete with small-group discussions and role-play exercises.

How Effective Can Remote Learning Be?

World-Class eLearning

Online learning for sales teams and individuals located anywhere. Available 24/7/365. Highly engaging and delivered to any device!

Take Online Learning to Another Level

Workshop in a Box

High-quality learning experience for groups of any size facilitated by  anyone who can “push play” and lead a group discussion.

Flexible and Localized Facilitation

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