Live Video Workshops

A classroom training experience without the travel.

Custom Tailored Virtual Workshops

All of our proven sales training programs are available as virtual workshops. Since our founding, Sales Excellence has specialized in custom-tailored one, two, or three-day learning experiences that include small group exercises, role-plays, and other interactive segments to drive observable and measurable changes in sales behavior.With our virtual sales training workshops, we deliver that same live, instructor-led classroom experience to sales teams anywhere in the world without the need for travel costs.

Virtual Workshop Details

We use the latest in video-conference technologies to provide an interactive, face-to-face virtual workshop that is rich in features and offers amazing quality and reliability.

  • HD video with gallery view so all participants see and interact with each other
  • HD audio with VoIP, call-in, call-out, and Global Toll-Free available
  • Participants can join from mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Sales tools, workshops, and video exercises easily shared
  • Video breakout rooms so participants can work in small groups
  • Workshops easily recorded and shared
  • Completely secure with end-to-end encryption

Sales Excellence Programs

We offer a wide variety of subjects ranging from our compete methodology to specialty programs focus on the most important skills of the selling profession.

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On-Site Workshops

Custom-tailored learning experiences designed for your company at any location that's best for your team.

Why Hold Training On-Site?

Live-Video Workshops

Highly interactive live-video learning sessions complete with small-group discussions and role-play exercises.

How Effective Can Remote Learning Be?

World-Class eLearning

Online learning for sales teams and individuals located anywhere. Available 24/7/365. Highly engaging and delivered to any device!

Take Online Learning to Another Level

Workshop in a Box

High-quality learning experience for groups of any size facilitated by  anyone who can “push play” and lead a group discussion.

Flexible and Localized Facilitation

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